Safari 4 Google Search Shortcut

By default Safari 4 has a very annoying shortcut to use the Google Search box and I am already used to the ⌘K shortcut that Firefox has, to fix this we are going to use the same program I showed at my previous tip: Switching Safari Tabs With Custom Shortcuts.

So, if you haven't already done so, go get Spark, open it and hit the "All Application's HotKeys" button in the middle of the screen, it should show up a drawer, click the + sign and add Safari to the list, with Safari selected double click "Menu Item" in the "HotKey Groups" pane, in there press "click to edit" add ⌘K or whatever shortcut you want, name it Google Search, hit the first drop down and select Safari again, and on the second drop down select "Edition -> Search -> Google Search...", hit create and restart Safari, also make sure the Spark daemon is actually running.

That should be it, next time you press your shortcut you should be directly at the Google Search box.

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