Independent Software Vendor

After 10 years in the freelancer world and in the middle of a mid 20s crisis I am slowly mutating into an independent software vendor. That's the kind of people that make products out of nothing and sell them directly to the end user and make a living out of it (or try to). It will never happen overnight, I still need to do freelance in order to survive but I can see each day how it makes sense to steer away from freelancing and start a small online store, release products or both. So I have a couple of ideas and options, so far there is one big app that seems totally fine to convert into a product, resell it and provide support. The other is a small iphone game I'm working on, it's a very specific niche kind of game that I enjoy playing and thinking about the iphone version gave me this gut feeling that I'll follow. I have absolutely no idea if any of this things will became real products and end up paying 100% of my bills but I know for sure I want to do them and I want to stop living the freelancer lifestyle for a time.

So, I want to document all the development process and learn as much as I can from this first try at making a product and a game so you are going to read more about this as I work on them.

Of course if everything fails, I can get back to freelancing or get a full time job for the first time ("riiiiiiight")..

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