As some of you may know, a week ago we had a big earthquake in Chile, not just big for what we are used to, this was the 5th strongest earthquake ever recorded in history, I'm talking about an effin M8.8 earthquake, this means it is 63 times "bigger in magnitude" but 500 times "stronger in terms of energy release" than the M7 that hit Haiti a couple of months ago. That particular night I was alone in my apartment in the 8th floor and my wife and son were at her parent's, which is good because she totally freaks out with earthquakes and she most likely would have suffered a panic attack inside the building. Anyways I'm glad this is over and no one in our close family had any significant damage to either their health or homes but on the other side our country was hit very hard in some rural areas, small fish towns and some cities, not only because of the earthquake itself but the devastating tsunami that hit them a couple of minutes after. This are hard times for us, and we know it's impossible to recover what we lost but at the same time this is a great opportunity, crisis are always good opportunities if you have the will power to overcome them, one of the positive things I've seen is how our people are bonding togheter, how they help each other, in some places there are so many people helping that it's impossible to organize them all and not all of them are able to actually help!, this has to be some of the greatest acts of kindness and solidarity across the nation that I've seen in my life, I hope we leave behind all the horror and build a brighter, better future.

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