So I am not a heavy smartphone user, in fact, I am not even a heavy cell phone user at all, I recently sold my macbook and I currently have no "smart" mobile device but that didn't stopped me to checkout the Android Developer Lab a few days ago here in Chile. I was always curious about the Android OS as I am about iOS, I have developed a few mac apps both for desktop and iPhone and I really like the technology, but there is something about Android that catches my attention, it brings the same feeling Linux did back in the day as a developer, it's not just the platform, it's the principles behind them, the fact that's open and that there is a growing thriving community hacking around it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :).

I'm in the market for a mobile device, I was thinking about getting the new MacBook Air but seriously, if I all want to do is web, email, skype and ssh (you never know) while on the go, a nice Android device will make the cut.

Comments !