2010 challenges

Life Challenge

This year is going to be special in many aspects, my wife is starting college again, and she is going after a degree in Electronic Engineering at one of the top schools in our country. This time things are different, we are now married and proud parents of a very cute, smart and awesome 3 year old kid and we have something we can call home, not bad for a young couple!. This is start of a beautiful quest for all of us, and I hope to be as supportive as I can be and help her out to achieve her degree.

Work Challenge

Work is not going to be easy either, business is growing and we are working on some nice projects for big clients, the kind of client that can absorb most of your time and resources but you have to keep up with them. This is a good thing, it gives you peace of mind, specially as a freelancer, to know that money is not going to be an issue for a whole year, which I want to take as an opportunity to finish a product and finally move out of the freelance world and into the indy dev studio that I really want to be.


So that's it, I am happy and thrilled about this year challenges and I am determined to make the most out of it. Also, this is the first time in my life that I make "resolutions", not sure how they will turn out but it was a very interesting exercise, I wrote down 20 things, all very realistic and nothing too crazy. It's amazing how much better I would feel if I actually do/achieve just some of them, small changes may have a big impact in your life after all.

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