1. News


    Since the last post I:

    Turned 25!.

    Got married :).

    Started playing World of Warcraft again and I'm trying to bring my wife into it.

    Started seriosly to define an idea for an iPhone game I want to build.


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  2. About Writing And Poetry

    This is why I love Bukowski... and Gulden Draak a match made in heaven.

    Friendly advice to a lot of young men.
    Go to Tibet.Ride a camel.Read the bible.Dye your shoes blue.Grow your beard.Circle the world in a paper canoe.Subscribe to the Saturday Evening ...
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  3. Radiohead

    We went to watch my favorite band, RADIOHEAD! it was a memorable night, amazing band, music and a great show! on top of all that you have to add the amazing feeling of the energy flowing all over the place from all the fans. I can say the experience well ...

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  4. Day Care

    So Mateo started daycare two days ago.. it's been hard because he is not used to play with other kids nor to be away from mom, dad or grandparents.. so the first day we played with him for about two hours before we could sneak away.. two hours later ...

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